Encapsulated Armor

Integrating technologies to improved armor system performance

The next generation of Warfighter protection for vehicles focuses on minimizing gross vehicle weight without compromising the mobility and occupant safety. Loukus Tech’s  technologies enable lightweight development by integrating several technologies to make armor systems with improved performance. These improvements are threat dependent, and often include lighter weight, thinner panel and better multi-hit performance. LT integrates materials such as ceramic panels & fibers, RHA steel, high toughness aluminum all sandwiched within a light alloy casting.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Process

Loukus Tech’s vertically integrated manufacturing process enables the complete development of a cast encapsulated panel and has the capability of casting up to a 3 foot x 3 foot panel today. LT works with system integrators to incorporate spall and backing materials to the armor panels, as required by the application.