Casting Process Equipment

Custom Designed Process Equipment

Loukus Tech is a technology development company. To bring products to market quickly, it’s often imperative that the product and process is developed simultaneously.  Process equipment is custom designed to the needs of the product. Co-invention of the product and process has led to innovative equipment designs. A good example is in the development of metal matrix composites. The product ingredients are fed into the process to manufacture a preform, essentially a ceramic sponge. LT’s proprietary process can produce a functionally graded preform, placing a higher volume fraction of ceramic in one region, with reduced gradient elsewhere. The process is robust, versatile, automated and scalable to meet large volume MMC applications on a global scale.

The preform is fired, then infiltrated with molten aluminum or magnesium in a squeeze casting process.

This preform firing kiln was custom designed & built for this specific product, and intended to process preforms at a defined production volume.

Loukus Tech’s process engineers understand the incoming and outgoing process metrics for each step along the way. Data is tracked and monitored to ensure the process is repeatable.

Many of LT’s metal matrix composite (MMC) products are made with ceramic preforms that are infiltrated with molten aluminum or magnesium in a process called squeeze casting. The vertical squeeze casting cell here produces an industry leading 1500 Tons of clamping force and 1200 Tons of injection/squeeze force in a 24” x 24” envelope.

This ability to design custom process equipment demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of material processing and the ability to design for efficiency. Many of Loukus Tech’s products bring high performance to cost sensitive markets, where efficiency is imperative in all aspects of the process.

Loukus Tech understands casting processes and the requirements to achieve high integrity castings.

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