What is TRABOTM Spray?

TRABOTM Spray was inspired by REL Inc.’s development for NASA’s return to flight effort. It was developed into a spray mold coating to manufacture an intricately cast high pressure gas storage tank. Loukus Tech is now deploying TRABOTM spray in many new and innovative applications. When applied, this insulative spray is a coating with a wool-like feel and appearance. TRABOTM spray is a non-wetting spray which creates an airgap and keeps the metal from sticking to the mold or losing heat to the mold. This layer is an order of magnitude more insulative than products on the market today.

Pressure Sensitive Insulative Coating for Squeeze Casting

With pressure casting (i.e., squeeze casting or high pressure die casting, the flow of melt into tight areas of the mold is enabled with TRABOTM spray. Upon pressurization, the metal defeats the TRABOTM coating and solidifies at the same rate as bare steel with no coating. This allows for a shorter cycle time and fast solidification which is directly related to better mechanical properties.