TRABO™ Application Instructions


TRABOTM Application Instructions

  1. Heat up the desired casting ‘mold’ (i.e. pour cup/riser/runner/insert/chill) to be coated with TRABOTM to 300-350˚F. The mold must be a minimum of 212˚F to evaporate the liquids. Spraying molds at cold temperatures close to 212˚F will cause the liquid in spray to puddle on the part surface and decrease the adhesion of the TRABOTM insulation. Likewise, TRABOTM will not build up when trying to spray an overheated mold.
  2. It is important to keep the TRABOTM mix agitated during spraying to avoid segregation of the coating. This will affect the bonding performance of the coating. Vigorously shake the mix prior to spraying and keep agitated during application. This is especially critical with the low-cost sprayer supplied with the starter kit. This issue is rectified with Loukus Tech’s more robust sprayers that have built-in agitation.
  3. When ready to spray, set regulator to 45 to 55 PSI and press the trigger on the hand sprayer to fully open. Constantly move sprayer across surface at a distance of 16-24” (40-60cm) from the mold surface. Avoid building up liquid on surface by not spraying in one position too long. Do not continue to spray an area if the liquid is not evaporating fast enough. Move to another section of the mold while that area ‘dries’. Revisit area once the coating is visibly dry and coat to desired thickness. Coating thickness can be measured with an elcometer.A typical coating thickness is 15-25 mils.
  4. Monitor your mold temperature. You may need to reheat if a thicker TRABO™ coating is desired.

TRABOTM Application Instructional Video